Arcadia: Lines That Sound Dirty But Aren’t

By Michael Clark, February 15, 2011 3:27 pm

As a stress reliever during rehearsals for Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia that I stage managed last year, I came up with this list of lines that sound dirty, but aren’t.

  • Hodge, what is this? (page 11)
  • Now at last, it is your turn. (page 11)
  • In my what? (page 59)
  • Lend me a finger. (page 76)
  • I can’t show you how deep it goes. (page 76)
  • Hannah! Bernard! Hannah! (page 90)
  • It won’t work backwards. (page 93)

I’m willing to guess that every play has lines that when taken out of context would be “dirty.”